Raided by Same Player for 4 times? Bug or Cheat?

Hello there, As far as I know and I have experienced, You can only attack an enemy 3 times at most. A fella attacked me 4 times and lost. Is this a bug or a cheat? Could you please clarify me?

Could it simply be showing the first attack twice? Normally you don’t lose/gain the same number of cups.

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Could be a glitched screen. Wonder if it still shows that when you close out of the Watchtower and then go back in?

you won all three so I wouldn’t complain lol

It is possible when you revenge, leave at least 1 possible attack and go to the watchtower again for revenge (maybe after restart of the game?). Then you have your 2 normal revenges after the “new” first attack. I’d say it’s a buglike side-effect :slight_smile:

If these are normal raids instead of revenge, it’s possible he drew you, attacked and lost 3 times, then drew you again and attacked again

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