Raided by higher tiers

I am currently often being raided by higher trophy tiers. I have about 1000 trophies they have over 2000. They are only winning single digit trophies but it adds up quickly. Noticed it today 10/18 at around 10pm EST. Any help with this issue would be appreciated.

That’s definitely a problem @Kerridoc

Im having the same problem. The game is fun but not fair. I just started not to long ago. And do not have the money to spend. This game want you to spend to much money just to be able to compete or keep up with other players. NOT FAIR!!!

I find raids just terribly annoying, and as far as the matching system goes, they can be quite unfair, too. I wish one could just opt out of them entirely instead of having to buy overpriced Raid Shields. The rewards you get from Raid Chests are ridiculous anyway—as are most of the bonuses in this game.

Raids are the only aspect I really hate about E&P, and I say that as a Platinum rank player.

I might know whats happenning, in season 1, you can take out outpost by doing a raid right ? Well the raids you do when you take outpost are extremely easy but give you only minimal trophees. Well whats happening to you is :you are actually a outpost target. Thats unlucky… The problem might be solved if you upgrade your team and upgrade your trophees so you can get out from the outpost target range.


Maybe @Sara or @Petri can have someone look into this.

I would advise you to submit a support request so we can investigate this in more detail.

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It may be a bit off topic, but I’m just curious… You seem to have a pretty developed base there, from what we see… 16 level watchtower, going on 17, being able to store about 2.000.000 food and 1.500.000 iron… I would say level 17 or 18 stronghold, maybe even higher… You are somewhere in the early 20 something stages, no? Doomspire, is it? Or Broodback mountains? How comes you have so little trophies? Don’t you raid at all? I’m asking because I’m really happy when some lot higher trophy player raids me… it takes single digit trophies from me and leaves the opportunity for revenge, with minimal risks… I would say that is a good thing…

I never had to do that. How do I complete a ticket?

Your pretty much right on the money for it all.I know I don’t raid as often as I should but at the same time I get frustrated at bad boards. I like to go for the easy trophies but I lose probably 40% of the time and therefore lose a massive amount of trophies so I just don’t raid and wait for the player to get the 40+ trophies from me and revenge them for the 20 or whatever it is.

I’ve noticed in raids that the easier targets I get bad boards. I’m around 3500 power. I try to raid players between 3500-3800. I get better boards and the trophy rewards are most of the time higher than what I’ll lose.

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I got after a 40+/-20.if I lose I can rematch and win the second try. Then when they revenge, if they win it’s a wash. If they lose any once, I’ll be up 20 trophies or so. It’s the best way I can keep my trophy count up. Going after someone with +15/-38 is pointless to me. I’ll win the first attack but they can get it back in 3 attempts.


I will have to try that. What I’m doing is clearly not working

Trophy sum is always 61. So it’s gonna be +15/-46. Attacking such odds might be a good ideea if one is trying to fill the hero chest, if one thinks he might get five kills from that battle, regardless of the trophy count.

They maybe droping cups to fill faster and easier their hero chests. :thinking:

I have seen people dropping their defense team down to a single 1* hero for that. This way they dont waste their flags. People attack and take their cups be then they can easily raid and fill their chest up.

The smarter cup droppers at least put 5 heroes in their defense team. I primarily raid for the chest so I skip teams with less than a full set of five, no matter how easy the fight will be.

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Yeah, lots of Russian players list low team for defense and then come with trong team on to you with revenge, talking about far games…

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