Raided and beaten

I have a raid team of about 3700 hp. Ive been raiding teams with up to about 4050 hp, I mostly win. However, I’m immediate revenged and lose almost all the cups I just won. I do keep more hams than they take.
Is this par for course? Immediate revenge and loss when raiding teams stronger than you.
Should I reroll and attack weaker teams than me?

In a word, yes :slight_smile:

(as in it’s par for the course)

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Even weaker team are not safe, i used to beat 4000 teams down with a 4* team.
Just raid if the trophies you can gain > 40

I also occasionally end up in diamond level, for half a minute before I’m sent crashing back to earth, I still think raiding is so much fun!
I like to raid if I can get around 30k hams as I am always out of food.maybe I need to think more about the added cups vs food as suggested .

It is fun! And soon you’ll start seeing the famous names and you can have a pop at them, even more fun :grin: They are definitely beatable!

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