Raided 13 times in 2 minutes! How is that possible!?!

I was at 2600+ cups, used a flask, won 5 & got up to around 2720 something. Lost the 6th match and then saw I was at 2251 cups. Went in my tower only to see I was attacked 13 times in 2 minutes. While I was online! How is that even possible!?!

Players in the top 100 can be revenge-raided while online. It is possible that when you got up to 2700+ you made it into the top 100 & got revenged a heap.


It is very normal when you get your cups this high. Try going around 3k. What happens next is genocide.


I’ve been raided 44 times in fifteen minutes before. Just the nature of the game near 2700 trophies.

It’s normal…I’ve gotten to the number 3 spot before. Literally within 2 minutes I had lost 400 cups. The higher you get the more you show up in people’s raid options I think.

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