Raid Zappercat's Level 20 Tower!

I have 92k in hamz and a metric ***-ton of iron just waiting for some punk to show me they’ve got what it takes to take it… so, will I take the number one spot before someone defeats me? Be the first to successfully raid my fat tower!


What’s your defense team?

Hahahah if u show up on my raid im going for it!

Find me in the alliance “Bad Intentions” and see for yourself. :wink:


I raided @Talisax today. I’ll try to find you and record it.

200k in ham rolls so far…

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That’s usually an easy win , but not much ham

You have Line? I can share the video with you.

…Still looking for Zap. Passed a lot of other recognizable names.

Nice squad.
Black panther, hel, magni, lliana, ares…all lvl 80
Pretty high ranked 4x troops too

Hows black panther on defense


Thank you very much for your kind invitation.

But AnjaValkyrie of Orcish Empire will take a raincheck :wink: Well, if I see you, I might knock on your door and leave a small gift :slight_smile:

I couldn’t click that attack button fast enough if I saw you Zappercat. It’s been way to long since I’ve seen 92k hams… fun post

I remember taking a ****-ton of resources off you a few weeks ago, you had a drop team up but lost the revenge. How I laughed. You’re one of just two forum names I’ve recognised so far, but you’re all on the list.

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I got 92k hams off somebody last night, But i know it wasn’t you because I won the raid lol


I had done the same last night. Couldn’t find Zapper but found some other ridiculous hams. I think Zapper moved out of my trophy range now.

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What’s your handle in game? What cup level do you usually range in?

Dr Mantis Toboggan MD.
Usually 22-2400

@ZapperCat I remembered this topic, needed 2 tries for my revenge, but where is my promised ham? I got like 5k tops…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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