Raid won’t let me switch team

When I try to switch to my raid team nothing happens. I hit “apply” over and over but every time it just stays on my farming team (the first team). Please fix this!

When you’re on the screen showing both your team and the opponent’s team, you can swipe left/right to change which team you want to use for the raid.


I had no idea i could do that, thank you!

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Hi on Raid u can’t get hero’s raids. It stuck on 10. I have done 9 raids and its still say I’ve only done two. Can you help please. Thanks.
I would to say every war something goes wrong with my game. Sometimes I can’t play or same times I just can’t win. My team 3400 play against 2300 and they won. They started with full mana. Help please aways something going wrong with this game.

If this happens again, take s snapshot before you play a single tile and post it. This would be a bug.

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