Raid with Zero



Adding my latest video!

Hey folks,

I made a few videos of me raiding. Posting them in the forums so you can see the jumbled mess in my brain as i approach a raid. I might do more in the future if i get the time. Thanks!


I watched all 3! Really enjoyed hearing your thoughts during the raids! Thanks for these vids.

How often do you lose on raids when you are on offense?


its very up and down. I didnt lose any for 2 days, then lost 4 in one day lol


Thank you! I am not a new player, but have never been very good at strategy, so these videos which explain why you chose what you do are so very helpful.


With your video titles it makes me wish you had an intro with the Star Wars theme and an ascending scroll of yellow text.

Zero Wars
Part 0: A New Poke


:joy::joy::joy::joy: ‘Anchor-bad’. Lol


I can’t wait to watch these!


Just added a new one :slight_smile:


Thank you for adding videos with your thoughts! I liked listening to your reasoning. I will definitely use some of your input in my raids to see if my outcome(s) change.


Thanks for making these vids, @Xero786 :+1:


Great job with the videos and explanations zero.


Very informative, as is all the 7DD content.