Raid with Rit Ep 234: Single 100k+ Titan Hit! Empires and Puzzles


Title says it all. Thanks to all for all the ideas and comments so far. This was an accidental video. I plan to follow up with a 100k+ Titan hit guide. Keep the feedback coming!


Super nice video, love your reaction!


Awesome hit on the Titan, what a Combo :scream: :smiley: Congratulations!


wow very very compliment


Awesome board…congratulations!



grats Rit!!!


The reaction is indeed epic :rofl:
Just thinking what would be the damage if you had Athena and Joon. -Shiver-

Anyway, congrats.


Omg what a hit that was crazy


just joining in the gratulations. supercalifragilisticexpialligotious :rocket:


Holy moly!! congratulations!!


Man if that last yellow diamond had popped…

The day I got my Wu Kong we hit a Purple titan and I got a 98,000 hit. If only I hadn’t miss clicked my -def debuff before I hit my first diamond i would have broke the 100k mark easily.

Nice hit!


Well done!! That has to be the best board I have ever seen


I hearby petition that Rit should change his name to Mageegeees


@Ritopo wow, that was awesome! Have you posted the guide you mentioned yet? I’d love to see it!


it is taking me awhile to put the math together. i will follow up with a link here to the analysis video when it is available. thanks for waiting!


Seconded! Though if you watch the video with captions on the direct transcription is “O’ Mah GeeGees”.


I really like to see this vidoe … steady