Raid win.. To raid Lose

This morning I did a raid … Won 42. Cups … I go in the tower … And I read less 21 … It has marked me lost … I had 4. heroes alive so I know that not poaso be dead together with the enemy for no reason. These updates are breaking … I did some raids with active kong and I miss rate is 90% and those few signage damage 20 to weave … And I have 4s troops at levels 21 and 22 … Absurd … I can not understand how at every step you can ruin the game even more but you are phenomena.

A screenshot or video would help us understand what you are referencing.

I win 42… System Los 21… IMG_20180310_144648

Ah, I’ve read one other that encountered this glitch.

Please contact Game Support:

Those are both revenge listed. Not sure how you could even had raided that person twice? Strange.

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