Raid win not counting wins correctly

Raid wins. I played 7 raids and the number count only counted 6 games. The count should be 35 not 30.

Two questions:

  1. Do you click the attack button after the chest appear and show 0/30? If the raid started before the chest appear, it won’t count even if the heroes are killed after the chest appear.

  2. Does all of your opponents field 5 heroes in their defenses?

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I had just spent 2 diamonds on the hero chest to speed up and 5 diamonds on the monster chest. So there should have been no question about it. Thank you

So the number 1 case is not probable.

What about the number 2, is all of your opponents fielding 5 hero in their defense? If yes, then it must be a bug.

You can submit ticket here:

Yes all field had all hero’s in. And it’s a bug.

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In the end I used 9 full cards to get the chest.

I had this problem this morning and this evening with my raid chests. I also invest 1 to 2 diamonds to speed up it opening up.
2 times the last win was not counted. This morning this was a raid win and this evening a tournement win.

I think there is a bug

@zephyr1 is this kind of problem exist before?

First time I seen it before

Haven’t seen it heard of this happening before.

Best thing to do is to #contact-support (click hashtag for instructions). They can then look at the system logs and get to the bottom of it.

Just players here for the most part.

Update: This morning all raid and tournement wins were counted correctly. Either it has been fixed or either the use case/situation was a bit different and I did not meet the requirements for the bug to kick in.

I had 2 losses, so I needed 10 attacks to fill the chest. Maybe the code did not feel it was necessary to put me behind any further ;).

I also went out the Tower attack/revenge screen after each attack towards my base screen to check if everything was counted correctly. Yesterday, I directly went from one attack to the next.

@Xesevol: How did it work out for you this morning?

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