Raid win but shows time’s up

Hi. I just won a raid with +38 cups but the message on the final screen was Time’s up and it shows that I lost 14 cups. Though, in my watch tower the number of cups was correctly updated. I have 2 print screens.

A visual bug. Nothing more to say.

Must be some missunderstanding… 38 + 14 isn’t 61… looks like two different raids to me… if you lost that raid, you would have lost 23 cups, not 14… not saying it can’t be a bug, but sure is a very strange one…

Send in a ticket. I just sent in another ticket to complain about inaccurate reporting of trophies. Customer service acknowledged that there was an issue but they can’t explain why.

Then they informed me that they haven’t received any other complaints. But They sent me a small gift as thank you.

I sent in my video, screenshots with time stamp.

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