Raid war 2020

Some players have asked about the time, realize that UTC & GMT as well as USA MST may be foreign to a few so made sense to add an event clock to the site:

Event Clock


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will the LINE group invites be sent out, via QR code or link since we are not on each others’ LINE?

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Raid War 2020 - LINE ID: RaZoREnP to join the LINE GROUP for your TIME SLOT if you aren’t already there…

@jOhO @Wormwood @Xero786 @voidstrike @CaptainjaKCsparrow @Templar303


@MrsBCW - please join Line group for Event (know you are on Discord - is LINE going to work?)


I forgot to update this Thread!!! Shoot!

You can get an update/more detail at the RAID WAR 2020 site itself Players! -=RaZoR=-

The Championship will be at an unannounced time but at the usual location (ha ha)…

@jOhO kicking Axe & Taking Names - best success in the Championships (REPRESENT! THE LAST LEGION) - The hard as Hell to beat @Xero786 of the POWER HOUSE: SEVEN DAYS DEPARTED is favored with QBoro & uclapack… PB&J… make it Raspberry please!


A little off topic but only way know to get a hold of you @Kerrang

please confirm…Ravens!


Hi @Razor :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow, a surprise!… all I did was complete the tasks lol :joy:

But yes, I “downsized” my playing and with Ravens of Valhalla (a casual competitive alliance).

Thanks :sparkles:



This was the most competitive raid heat to date, amazing!

In fact, that I have ever witnessed. - RaZ

Who are Our Champions you ask? Let me see if you can guess them ALL before you look…

ha ha ha... no cheating guys! Take your best GUESS...

If you can NOT figure it out you can click on one of my 3 RAID MANTA WORDS BELOW…


@voidstrike @CaptainjaKCsparrow @Kerrang @jOhO (you lived up to your own legend J - and among them you did more than hold your own - you owned the #4 spot 20% and had a good climb, any given SUNDAY my friend right! See you next time and don’t be a stranger!) @Wormwood @FairRoselyn @Guvnor @D2z @Rigs (If were both here next year I expect you to be in it to win it as well I will be too) @Mothra


The ALLIANCES that were represented in this years Event:


Really kickinn myself for missin it

Anyway to go ahead and pre register for next year? Lol



I will not be keeping a thread in the forum players. This year is huge… and its underway. I will post all the basics all of which are maintained at the official RAID WAR 3 SITE:

I HAD TO POST here because of the opportunities to obtain DISCOUNTED or FREE Registration Tickets. I will be announcing the Day for the 50% off in the website later today. It will be the only 50% off for ALL possible participants during the registration process.

There are however 7 distinct options for someone to obtain Discounted or FREE registration passes. That document is located here:

RAID WAR 3: Those who feel they have less than fair odds to place in the Top-10 of the event, GREAT NEWS FOR YOU!

You have 3 chances to receive an 800%* return on your registration fee! Odds of winning are great! From 1 in 130 to 1 in 250 for each of the 3 Live-stream RNG raffles.

Player Do NOT miss out on the amazing experience! Potentially the “most fun you will ever have playing E&P” with you peers & competitors!

Additionally, realize some hardcore RAIDERS will RISK it ALL for higher ground, which could provide you your opportunity to advance!

Your investing in a unforgettable month long social event that provides each of us with amazing growth potential, joy, fellowship and the cherry on top is the fair odds in Octupling our investment dollars! WIN-WIN.

BE WELL PLAYERS! Hope to see some of you there!

@JAWS1 @Gryphonknight @JonahTheBard @Guvnor @D2z @Sarah2
@Pompitous @Uclapack (YOUR DEFENDING CHAMP U) @Rigs
Players please pass along to anyone you think would enjoy being a participant.

Warm Regards, RaZoR


@Qboro @jOhO @Xero786 (Defending #2) @Homem4de (Defending #3) @RisingXSun (you missed due to starting at wrong time, nows your recovery option) @Badkins @AirHawk @MrsBCW @Polarbearjack All the rest of you attended 2019 or 2020 Thanks!


Last post as last year some were confused on How scoring works… Its in the site with a bit more detail however this image link should answer it!

@Uclapack - just direct Lined you! @Xero786 - want to get you on-boarded for defending title and possible gunning for #1. Sounds like @Homem4de will not be attending (however not heard that from them).

Welcome back @Razor! Glad to see you’re back (at least for the time being!). I don’t think my troops are at a level where I could really compete in this year’s Raid War! I would not be able to keep up with the likes of you, @Uclapack and the others at your level! My troops are just over lvl 23, but I should have them all at lvl 27 by the time the next Raid War comes around! I will join that one!

Look out everyone when Raid War 2022 comes around! I’ll be gunning for a Top 10 finish! :wink:

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