Raid war 2020

This is a live event Hosted by RaZoR via use of his multi-instance monitoring equipment. 2019 Winners - will they show up, do they still have what it takes?


@Uclapack @Cleshuk @Wormwood @Ender_BattleSchool @Badkins @Qboro @JonahTheBard @Stargasm @Kerrang @CommanderJesus



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Sign-Up is now LIVE!




EXAMPLE HEAT RESULTS USING REAL PLAYERS (No Contest Actually Occurred - For Demonstration Purposes Only)

EXAMPLE RESULTS (including Footnotes)

Get you ship In Gear and steer it over to the signup sheet LIVE - you pick your Date(s)/Times that accommodate your schedule best 6/12-14/2020. If you don’t compete don’t come whining to me about how you didn’t get to participate!

I would expect to see the following players SHOW US WHAT YOU GOOOOOOOOOT!




Baaawk bak bwwwakgaaawwwhk!

@CommanderJesus @JRJR60 @RisingXSun @Templar303 @Ambassador @JimMe @jOhO


@Stargasm - see sample heat results and footnotes should make things clear as to how its scored - its very fair and the dual instancing allows fresh restarts between sessions to refresh the Leaderboard data for a clean capture…

I’m bummed I did not see this nor signed up for this…

…I would of course still not change my raiding team…but would’ve been interesting.

Good luck


You still have time to sign up @voidstrike! Sign-ups will be open at least for a week prior!

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Is there any way to reset or create a new account? I can’t remember my password for the life of me and it says that I’m already registered. @Razor

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MemberName AllianceName MemberPassword
Voidstrike The Pirate Horde temp193

@Razor - I came across this just now.

I love raiding and I’d love to take part in this. I have a couple questions (I am pretty sure they are noob, but I couldn’t find answer when I searched through the linked page).

  1. Can anyone participate? Or is there a minimum cup threshold? (My cups vary somewhere between 2350 - 2550 on any day)
  2. Similarly, TP limit? ( 4100+ suffices?)
  3. How does the raiding work? I am assuming I play in-game… you maintain snapshots of my cup totals (for which you’d need the alliance name), and populate the leaderboard of the contestants…correct? Please clarify, because this is the part I am most confused about …

Thank you!


Anyone and EVERYONE is always welcome @CaptainjaKCsparrow! Day(s) of the event (which may get swapped to a Qualifying round initially) 10min prior if your cups are 2700+ your disqualified. Its the only RULE, that and starting when everyone else does. There will be a LINE GROUP setup for it specifically. Yep there are 10 snapshots taken of the TOP-50 over the 1 hour Heat. Game is exited and entered and immediately Top50 are captured and those 10 snapshots are scored based on your position in the TOP-50 vs all others. Scored 10 for highest, 1 for lowest (as each heat will have 10 competitors)… The site itself actually gives an example as well has tips. YES You raid in-game :slight_smile: Correct when you sign up your alliance and player name are captured its also how I will inform you where to go to merge with your competitors (in a line group)… hope that helps.

There will be 1 or more judges that verify your cups pre-heat. If there is a tie (we look at the medals obtained for the tie braker. Top-3 always move forward).


Thank you for the clarification.

I’m in.! I’ll register for the event after work.



Damn I gotta show up @Uclapack & @Wormwood in the first round?

Also I will be in our sister Alliance “The Pirate Rangers” at the time of the Raid War, do you want me to change my titan mafia details to avoid confusion @Razor


Ouch that’s a rough match! Best show up for sure! Yes will need to know that for the judges if we can’t find you before hand that would be a problem. LOL. I’ll change it as the schedule was set outside the Live Data.

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:sweat_smile: I’m the one that should be worried, I barely raid at all anymore and you guys are raid beasts… Still, it should be fun…

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I only use one team to raid (and will continue to do so for this competition)…so I’m not a real competitor in this. But I’ll have fun…who knows what can happen…

My team for the record is Proteus - Gravemaker - Jabberwock - Rigard - Tarlak
As evidenced by the following videos:

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lol, Really I don’t…

You’re having too much fun with that team. Also, you picking on my Blazers ? ha ! Good…
I like the idea of using a single team for the cup run though.

Maybe @Uclapack will forget about it and it’s smooth sailing for us…


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