Raid verseny

Hogy lehet az hogy a versenyben a beállított védelmem 3200.
Most E- ben vagyok mert 10 ellenfelet kaptam idáig és mind 4000+.
Úgy tudtam hogy a védelemhez állítja a támadók szintjét.
Valaki segítsen elmagyarázni légyszíves.

Probald feltenni a kerdest a magyar nyelvu kibeszelo topicban.
/ Try asking in the Hungarian thread “Magyar nyelvu kibeszelo.

OP question translation: In the current raid tournament, my defense team strength is 3200. My defense grade is E, because I have been attacked by teams 4000+. I thought the attacker levels were matched to the defense strength? Someone help explain please.

Ask him/her what is the maximum power he/she can achieve. To round up the most 5 talented heroes. Probably his/her defense is much higher then 3200. Probably he/she has some very emblemed healers which he/she didn’t use this tournament, obviously. The matchmaking is related to highest TP available, not to whatever defense is set. With other words, the matchmaking is based on the power which is automatically set when someone press join. That automatically set team represents in fact the highest power a player has.

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