Raid trophy count

My raids are not being counted correctly, just now, won a raid +33 trophies, but game deducted 33 trophies, not first time this has happend.

Haven’t encountered such issue. Screenshots and/or videos please. Or better yet, file a support ticket.

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New to forum, what is a support ticket, and where do i file it?

Go to options->support->support. This is where you can submit a “trouble ticket”.

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Belatedly, welcome to the forum.

Here’s a link…

Two reasons for this that I can think of.

  1. Your thophy score might be subject to a visual glitch. Check the trophy score on your profile screen against the teophy score you have on your alliance tab. If they are not the same restart the app. That should solve the problem.

  2. There are situations when one or multiple raids on your defense are in progress when you sign in and the results will be displayed only when you return to your base screen. At times that might be after a lot of raiding or farming on your side, so it might easily create the impression that your trpophy scores are wrong.

Anyway, if you decide to submit a support ticket, as some players adviced above, you’d better be able to attach some kind of visual proof of your claim. And last, but not least, remember that trophy scores are not that important… one way or another the problem will solve itself. Good luck!


had something similar, winning +20 and at the same time you’re hit for -40. Then game substracts -40 from your starting cups when the guy attacked, nulifying your win for a -60 netto. Rarely happens, but yah


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