Raid trophies question

I was just thinking if there is some kind of threshold above which the doors to your defense are opened widely. I usually have between 2500 and 2800 trophies. Let’s say I log off for a couple of hours. Whenever I’m below 2650-ish trophies when I go offline, I rarely get attacked, maybe 5 times at most. If I’m over 2650 (and especially 2700+) trophies when I go offline, I’ll have lost between 150 and 250 trophies. Sometimes literally within 10 minutes (I think my record is being attacked 20-ish times within three minutes).

Anyone else who recognizes this? Does my defense not show up to top players when I’m below a certain amount of trophies?

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This is my normal lol. Not that I mind as I find revenges give more food / iron. :thinking:

Hmmmm… I’ve never thought about this. Idk. :woman_shrugging:

If you are above 2700+ trophies, then top player will pick you because have higher thropies points reward (if they targeted thropy not all player targeting thropy, instead food/iron or interesting heroes defense).
But if you are accidently in Top100, even online you are targeted by many player.

Many players only raid teams that have more trophies than they do, so as you climb higher you become a bigger target.

Also I’m pretty sure that the game favors giving you higher ranked players rather than an even distribution +/-400 cups, otherwise at the top you’d be rerolling constantly. Whenever get into the 2800+ territory I still get mostly higher teams, even though I shouldn’t if it was even. Which is fine with me.

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