Raid trophies bug


Two of my alliance members had players with 0 trophies (and low level) attack them today, which is very weird since my members have 1700+ and 2300+ trophies. Not a big issue for them (they gained like 2 trophies), but doesn’t seem nice for the rookie players.


Wonder if this is related to the new raiding changes.

Could they be revenges? Possibly players has dropped cups since attacking and by the time they revenged, they were at 0?


Yes, they were lvl 2 and lvl 8, so not possible. Really weird too. Both members didn’t drop trophies either (revenge theory other way around)


Had this happen to me today. got +1 trophy from a guy that attacked me. His trophy score was 0.

I can 100% sure say that this was no revenge. It says “enemy raid”.

I take the trophy though :sunglasses:


I did just see the changes. In the ttop 100 it is now possible to attack someone more than 280 trophies above you. Maybe they made a mistake and it isn’t just for the top 100 like that? That would explain it.


Hmm, I’ll be sure to pass this on to the Devs. Please note any other oddities here on this Topic.