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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest raider of them all?

A “fun” feature would be to keep track of raid record, offense and defense, much like sports with a plus/minus. Example: Win two raids, you’re a +2, then lose three, you’re now -1.

The idea would be a cumulative ranking of the best raiders and defense teams.

Would likely stop ‘some’ cup droppers, though that wouldn’t be the features purpose.

Could throw it in the player profile, if running and updating leaderboards is too much.

(Apologies if this has already been discussed. If not, please run it up the flag pole, SG)

There are some posts were somehow related things were discussed… but i like this idea!


And o cant really point/find them :joy: but im pretty sure i read smtg like monthly raid ranking or overall win %

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I think this is a fun idea and I’m a fan of any additional stats or tracking that SG is willing to add.

I actually wish there was a way to download (or even better connect to an API) all of your raw data on hits, flag usage, raids, etc.


This sounds like fun. But I would much prefer a Raids table to show number of raids you made with a percentage success rate. Numbers of your revenge raids with a percentage success rate. Number of raids made on your defence team where you lose (with percentage rate)

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And how many people re roll on you


I don’t like it. After every Hchest, I drop the trophies from 2600+ to 2400+, to have an easier next chest. The chests and the rewards are more important for me than some + and - I would’t mind either if this idea will be implemented. I woudn’t really care about those meaningles - I just don’t like it :slight_smile:

It’s a diffrent point of view…
But i like it the hard way … at some point in this game the easy way its the boring way…
I never do anything to drop my trophies…
But i raid a lot using only 3 heroes… and now sometimes just 2 heroes because i like it the hard way!!!
If thoose were implemented i would commit myself a bit more… and the rewards should be great…
If i was looking for and easy game i would try candycrush

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@Kayo I like your idea but would rather not include defense win/losses as this is by AI.

@JGE factor in rerolls to make your table suggestion more meaningful. @Cvs said what I was thinking about rerolls.

Maybe 0.1 points every time someone passes on attacking your defense.
Penalty - 0.1 points every time you reroll when raiding so that your not inflating your stats with cupcakes.

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I think defensive W/L is important, but should be measured with a separate number

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