Raid tournoua

Hello today i play on raid tournament , with very fast special skills , is only for opponent or for the both?? Bc for me it was on very slowly the special!!! 14 tolls and it wasn’t on the speacial!!! And with out have any buffs!!! I lost 3 games for that fix it!!!

The very fast is for both teams. It takes seven tiles hitting the enemy to boost special. Depending on troops three ghosted tiles would get your special up.


Are you sure you don’t mistake raid tournament with normal raid battle?
Any chance your opponents had heroes who can affect your mana generation like Hel, Proteus, Alasie, Hansel or Little John?
Any chance your opponents have heroes from Sorcerer class who’s class talent is slowing enemy mana generation?


Very sure !!! I didn’t have any negative buffs for the mana. I had diamond red and with the diamond it was 12tills and my red heros speacial going little more of the half.

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