Raid Tournment

I have played 10 flags in the Raid Tournament and not received any credit on my Valor count down. Any reason???

Did you WIN THEM! as it doesn’t show losses
or maybe you didn’t collect as they build up in the next panel if not collected.

Didn’t think winning mattered.
Take part in x amount of tournaments I thought how it went?

Edit was thinking of the other tournament not the complete 300 raids tournament.

I think it does as in mine only the 2 matches I won registered in PoV.

Weahter that’s a fault/bug or not I don’t now but now that you mention it, it does say play not win thus all 5 matches should be counted weather win or lose thus why I am sitting at 12/20 atm and that not including the last torni also which would mean I should be further on.

I think expert clarification is required here ASAP @ZEPHYR1 Please

The challenge is to play X number of battler, not win them for the tournament.

@Ladyhawk065 do you have a screen shot of your POV progress? Seeing that may help us identify an issue.


I’m at the top 75% but it’s not giving me credit. I’ve won most of my matches.

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Did you get knocked out of a tournament on the 2nd attack of a day? Cause that would result in the non-5 number… or you could have been knocked out on the 4th attack of one tournament & 3rd attack of another (etc…)

Being a ‘0’ or ‘5’ will only be the case if you complete EVERY day of EVERY tournament :slight_smile: (your knock-out attack add to 5… (3rd & 2nd attack, 4th & 1st etc…)

Like @Guvnor said, I was knocked out after a fourth battle 3 weeks ago. So my numbers are 4, 9, 14, etc. this is cumulative.

It may be best to look tomorrow after hitting and see if that 12 goes up. I suspect it will. Assuming you are still in, it will go up anywhere from 13 to 17, depending on how many you play.


This is cumulative over the last three weeks, inclusively. It shows you have played 10+15+12 = 37 battles thus far during the PoV.


I won 8 out of 10 flags I played. However, no points were attributed toward the wins or the play.

I also am in the top 50%

So… If you screen shot the Path of Valour page, what Tournament Battles tier are you on?!


I have won 12 attacks out of 20, am in the top 25% of the field and only have credit for 5 attacks. What gives?

If you are asking about the path of valor challenges this screenshot doesn’t show anything to do with the PoV, if you are asking only for the raid tournament we would need to see the screen with your attacks to see what you are talking about.

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@Sarah2 Yes it did show the 5 hits in PoV.
I obviously wasn’t putting mind into the last torni losses at the time I posted that so I apologise for my misleading comments based on my not paying proper attention.

I will remove that post so as to not give others the wrong conclusions should there be others who feel there is an issue.


I played all 20 flags during the Raid tournament. I won 17 out of 20. Why did I not get my 15 credits?

You are on tier 3 of the Valor challenge you already cleared out the other tiers it resets each tier. Watch the Roman numerals at the top as you complete the challenges. Tier 1 was 5 tier 2 was 10 you are on tier 3 with 10. Those added together are your 25 attacks. Here is mines for reference. Says 0 of 30 as I am in tier 6 and you are in tier 3

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