Raid tourney - war

Hi, unsure if this has been mentioned before, and don’t have the time to check. Please move this thread to wherever suits best.

The raid Tournament is really a pretty big disaster… it’s also something many including myself have very little or no interest in.
Why can we not simply see raid tournaments on for example Mondays and Thursdays. This way it does not affect the part of game which is not broken (war), and you can avoid the server issues…
EG: yesterday you had an emblem quest, 2 standard quests, while event was approaching, during war prep and war start, all while launching an already known buggy raid Tournament.

To me, it seems nonsensical to do all that at the same time and expect no issues. I had said to various people that ‘raid tourney gonna screw up war and the game entirely’… if a mere minnow such as myself can foresee this, then why can’t devs? Especially as that’s their job.

Now I shall ask on behalf of all… please leave war alone, as now many that have invested a lot of time and money, are twiddling thumbs because of this raid tourney.
I completely understand that the raid tourney will be a great source of mats to newer players, and all players, and some enjoy it more than myself and many, so why not split raid tourney and war completely.
Have something working well… keeping all happy while you iron out the issues with the tournament.

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