Raid tourney hero alignment

I was thinking that another way to change up raid tournaments besides the color and star restrictions and special rules would be to vary the alignment of heroes or even the number of heroes. Instead of the straight line 5 heroes (tank, flanks and wings) we could have a 4/1 or a 3/2 alignment like we see in some of the stages. I also think that a 6 or 7 hero tourney with different alignments would be fun. Or maybe 7 spots for 5 heroes with 2 gaps that would effect some AoE heroes.

I like the variety of the tournies and was trying to think of a way to make it even more challenging. Hope you all can understand what I was trying to suggest.

For me personally, I dislike this kind of limitation as it threatens people who don’t have deep benches…

Has the same impact in wars when alliances try to coordinate too many defence aspects…

HOWEVER, an alternate raid tournament that could be fun is eliminating certain classes of heroes… So like the inverse of class quests where you cannot use the specified class/es

E.g. 5*, very fast, No Red, no cleric or Barbarians

I think this would cause serious issues with gameplay. Without the standard lineup you introduce the ability for heroes who hit nearby to actually hit the entire enemy team. As much as I’d like Proteus to stop everyone in their tracks, that is best left to farming stages. It just breaks the mechanics of “target and nearby” heroes.

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