Raid Tournaments Revamp


I think with the release of some season and feature heroes, that in addition to the restriction of color that is typically left out for the raid tournaments, that there are some heroes that really need to be reconsidered for Very Fast 5* tournaments.

But here are some examples:
Alfrike. Lady of the Lake. Ariel. Mother North. Alberich. Heimdall.

I wouldn’t want to get crazy listing every green 5* hero, but I find it a complete crap shoot, and as soon as Alfrike for example goes off, unless you’re lucky that she doesn’t hit your cleanser AND your cleanser is full mana before the next 6 tiles hit her AND the affected mindless attack members haven’t killed your cleanser trying to charge, it’s literally game over. There’s no strategy to recover. It’s pointless.

Not to mention, I don’t really think I know anyone who actually enjoys the Very Fast tournaments at all. It’s a total lottery and I’d say I win about as often as I lose, so why am I going to shell out 150-225 gems just to stay competitive for junk rewards?

I know they’re mostly meant for fun during the week, but they could really use an rewards increase in the top 1-5* for the price.

Just my random two cents rant.

Is this where I mention that they are testing a “very fast” war buff?

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