Raid tournaments malfunctioning

For two days now I can not play in raid tournaments. I have no other issues with any other aspect of the game. I am on secure wifi. Every time I try to play in the tournament the game disconnects and kicks me out. Happening consistently.
… And it’s incredibly difficult to report bugs on this backwards interface. Also incredibly difficult to post screenshots. Interface needs upgrade.

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have you tried the obvious stuff like:

  • force closing the app (assume this has been done if it’s been a couple days)

  • Restarting the device

  • Switching internet service (wifi vs. cell data)

  • Uninstalling the game & reinstalling (NOTE only do if your game progress is synced with Google Play Games or Apple Game Centre)

  • Clearing Game Cache (NOTE: only do if your game progress is synced with Google Play Games or Apple Game Centre)

As for the interface, that is the perview of Discourse, the third-party software that is used to host the forum. You can always visit their website/ main forum and add your suggestion there.

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New iphone 12 pro will solve the problems. Please buy the new iphone 12 to play this game smoothly :grimacing:.

For serious answer, don’t play raid tournament yet. Play regular raid first. If it is okay, then go to ur raid tournament team, and edit the heroes. Use different heroes.

From my personal exp, Sometimes some hero (randomly) created a bug when being played on raid or titan. So try to change ur team at this moment.

For security reasons,
the account ID should not be shown.
The screenshots should be removed (or edited) .

@Guvnor @GreenGoddess

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Yup thanks! Did all these helpful things. I wasn’t able to play any more raids of that week but this week it is showing me to play.

Oh thank you!!! I thought that was something I was supposed to do!

You’re right. I probably need a new phone :see_no_evil:

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