Raid tournaments divided up like monthly challenges

I have posted this basic idea in other threads and it has gotten some likes. So I decided to make a thread for it to see if it could get some votes and have others help improve upon the idea in hopes SG might take notice of it and implement this idea.

I have read through several other suggestions. Most are great ideas but seem to involve a considerable amount of reworking and additional steps involved in the tournament. I Believe in keeping things simple. I belive the basic concept of this tournament is fine. And with a minor change would be more appealing to the 1.5M+ players we have.

SG has admitted their match making is not working…but even if it was I believe there is an issue.
Most are complaining about not being able to earn points to stay in the top 5%, and this is due to match making and defense
Many are complaining that they don’t want to fight under powered teams.
Many are complaining they are way out classed and getting hammered
But what people are forgetting the more people we have the better the rewards are for more people since the rewards are based on percentages.

Lets face it if everything worked perfectly and this was a 5* hero tournament. What would happen?

We have over 1.5M players in this tournament. I think that is great! But 1.5M players can not compete if 5s are allowed. As we are seeing there are hundreds of thousands who can’t compete in a 4 tournament…but they entered anyway. WHY? well to see what it is…SURE…but you can do nothing and get free stuff. And I believe the same will happen in a 5* tournament. I bet that even when its a 5* tournament there will be over 1M participants even if they are just the alts of the bigger accounts.

SO then we still have the issues of some people being out classed and other people fighting under powered teams.

SO lets switch things around a bit and make this more interesting for everyone without changing much.

Just like monthly challenges have tiers so should the raid tournament. It can have RARE, EPIC and LEGENDARY

YOU PICK WHICH TIER YOU COMPETE IN. You can only compete in one tier per tournament.
Each tier is limited to heroes the same way it is in the monthly challenge.
Then every tier gets a random color that is not allowed and one of the random special rules. It can be the same across the board or different for each tier.

Now those with only 2* - 3* teams or have only a couple 4* can compete in RARE every week. Sure they may get joined by others but will not be at much if any of a disadvantage. I think people at this level will have stronger more diverse teams with emblems then someone who could compete in Legendary. Those people are saving emblems usually for 5s and 4s not 2 and 3*s

The people who have lots of 4* depth but not much 5* could compete with each other in Epic

The people with tons of 5*s can compete with each other in Legendary.

The rewards are the same across all tiers. But possibly tweak some percentages to give people a reason to compete in higher tiers. However, not make rare and epic have such horrible rewards no one wants to compete there either.

Now you don’t have to fight under powered teams unless for some reason a player with no 5*s enters legendary.

You don’t get hammered unless you try and compete above your level.

And maybe the matchmaking system could handle things better if there are less people to match up and do it three separate times.

Now we have a system that offers a challenge to players of almost any level every week.

This may also increase the number of people willing to spend gems to remove strikes.
This will decrease the number of top top players getting better rewards but keep the number of players getting good rewards the same or better since you may eliminate those unwilling to participate some weeks because the rules don’t match up to their teams.
Hopefully this makes match making better as well

Thanks for reading and if you like the idea give it a vote. If you have a suggestion to improve this , Let;s hear it.