Raid Tournaments and Raid Inquiry and Balance

Lets face it Raids are severely Broken in this game and usually lopsided and unfair. Now before some of you say Git Gud when the game is built around RNG there really is no get good I have lost to teams 400 points lower than me and I have beaten teams 400 points higher than me its a matter of Board quality and getting the right combo of gems. Now with that being said the disadvantage for attackers in Raids and Wars is astronomically higher defense team hero’s from what I have seen do not conform to their set mana gains they gain a set amount every turn or when they are hit even if the gems they get hit with do 1 dmg because that color is not represented on the attacking team and alot of times they have their specials before your guys get theirs to do anything with. This issue is way more prevalent in Raid Tournys when Mana Speed is increased if u get board starved once and dont combo you are more than likely going to lose you cant come back from that. But going back to the point of Gems of attackers not present there should not be a penalty for that against the attacker more than you do no dmg the defense should not gain mana from those gems attacks that only do 1 as if they are being hit by gems doing 200+ I have lost many times because I got High combos with gems that do no dmg and defenders all get their specials right away and my troops gained nothing from it. There needs to be better balance otherwise the Raid Tournys right now are not even worth it.

Raid Tournaments are dead.

Simply a very big EPIC FAIL.


So your suggestion or idea is?..

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Any suggestion or idea is simply useless.
They clearly said that they didn’t plane any improvement and no one is working on it.

I strongly disagree. I am much better at raiding than I was 2-3 months ago. I “got good” at raiding. Out of curiosity, I just looked at my raid history log, and of the attacks I initiated (either by attacking directly, or revenge - not counting enemy attacks on me or enemy revenges on me), I’m on a 15-raid winning streak, typically attacking teams with 400TP higher than me, and I’m 22-4 as far back as the history goes right now.

I don’t see how anyone could suggest that my luck with the boards has consistently improved over the past 2-3 months. The simplest explanation is that I’ve gotten better at analyzing an enemy defense and putting together a solid attack team to take it on. :slight_smile:

@Alberto1, the tournaments aren’t dead. I participate in them each and every week, and I’m glad for the extra “free” flags to work on filling my hero chests. Raid tournaments are alive and well. I get loot from them every week. I have fun with them every week. I get a little frustrated every week. But hey, it’s a game, and I play it.

Good gaming!


Many players have win rates on offense in excess of 85% in Diamond, and the overall average win rate on offense is 65%.

Sure, some boards are unwinnable. But if you’re losing more than you’re winning, it’s time to take a good hard look at:

  • Choice of enemy to attack based on your roster and skill level
  • Team selection, including appropriate color stacking
  • Tile play, including where to dump empty tiles and cascade management

Raid Tournaments, obviously you can’t pick your opponent. But the other two factors are under your control there still.

Actually, they said they aren’t changing loot, and their focus is on new stuff. That’s not quite the same as saying that no one is working on Raid Tournaments, or that they wouldn’t entertain the idea of changes in the future.

A change of loot would require 5 minutes…
What I really don’t like is being lied to… again and again…

For sure not in the near future.
Tournaments were introduced (as always) as an “exciting feature to the game which will bring new ways to gain rewards”.
And one of the main sources of emblems.

Currently they are full of bug, unrewarding, frustrating.
Good only to fill the chests.
But they lied so many times that maybe you’re rigth! Maybe they are secretly fixing the tournaments!
We already have a big thread about it. People can draw their own conclusions.

I am becoming less and less participative in raids, the unfair way that they are set up is killing all the fun. Win or loss has nothing to do with strategy and game play, it is more random ( and frustrating) than anything. Trophies are worth nothing, and the loot is also not worth the play.

Does anyone have an idea how to get some fun from the raid-element in the way it is currently set up? I have tried many things, weaker teams, stronger teams, playing every raid without spending food on changing opponent, spending all my food on changing opponents (=useless), and nothing seems to help. It still all comes down to the system deciding if you will win or if you will lose. They might as well add the autoplay button, at least that way it becomes less annoying.

I couldn’t agree more. I gave already stop participate in raids. Also by having less cups gives you weeker players, and better results.

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Personally I raid for 2 reasons:

  1. To get iron and food (target only those with > 20k iron)
  2. To share and get raid revenge videos from people I know.

In doing 1 & 2 I fill 1-2 chests every day.

Listen all Moderators and Big spenders,

This game is clearly and obviously geared to take in CASH MONEY!
So with that out of the way, let’s be perfectly clear here. If the devs can’t accommodate a mono team with fair boards or a 3/2 colored team, then just shut the option down!!!
I’m sick and tired of hearing all of you say that the tile distribution is Fair/Balanced!!! It’s all or nothing, so if you suck This bad at balancing or You just simply refuse to balance the tiles, then PLEASE REMOVE THE OTPION and make it RAINBOW VS :rainbow: only.
I don’t spend more than $10.00/month so I wouldn’t know this for a fact, but I feel that if I spent more, maybe my boards would get better!?!?

Disgruntled Hoss

As is suggested every time, if you think there is an imbalance, start collecting data.
All the data collection on raids, boards, tile distribution etc… shows that it is properly balanced & distributed.
If you think otherwise, bring some proof rather than statements.

As for forcing people to use a single specific configuration, that becomes extremely boring extremely quickly… just saying… Variety is the spice of life.

If I can make it to Christmas for the sake of my friends of 2 years, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. My intention is to delete the game right after Christmas as a New Years resolution, to stop allowing other people from taking advantage of me. Where Guvnor do you suggest I plug my DATA COLLECTION PROGRAM!?!? You want us to bring the Data to you and prove the game imbalanced, because that’s the easy answer. It’s a Gambling game skewed in the houses favor!!! We don’t need to prove it to you, but the people that count the money well, you won’t need so many of them anymore, because the balance is broken.

Welll… If you’re making the accusation you do actually need to prove it…

Burden of proof always lies with the accuser…

As for where you can put the data, the most simple tool would be excel… Simple and effective at crunching data.

There are many threads on this forum accusing of rigged boards. You know how many of them actually have any data or proof? NONE.

This is a thread by a great statistician which categorically proves that the boards are randomly distributed around an even number of tiles…

So whinge and complain all you like. The math and proof is there… If you believe otherwise, bring some substance to back up your claims…

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Leaving this game gets easier and easier everyday I experience the Tile effening, anyone that get paid the money this game takes in to do the math can make it seem like it’s balanced. That’s like asking Jeffrey Dahmer to choose his jury. On the 1st of January I’m out of here and done with this game.
Thank you for proving my point Guvnor, by asking the “CUSTOMER” to prove the complaint is true. As if there’s not enough regulars having their posts removed or buried saying the same exact thing?
You keep counting those dollar bills, but they won’t be mine.
Thanks for the years of taking advantage by continually moving the finish line further from those that don’t spend a whole lot. You’ve watered down every hero by adding costumes to make a decent hero weak unless biffed by this new add on.

Lol why wait until the 1st of Jan?

Leave now for all the difference it’s going to make.

As for making the customer prove the point, I’m a player too… I’m not staff. I don’t make money off this game or forum… I simply said that if you make an accusation, prove it… As is the case everywhere…

I can accuse you of being an infant dwarf who likes to kill cats for sick pleasure… Does that make it so? No… I’d have to prove that it was the case… Your comment about Jeffery whoever is invalid because in actuality, the defence does get a say in who sits on the jury… Just saying…

Finally, in regards to posts being “burried” idk what you’re thinking is happening but the forum is sorted by “latest”… Even if someones post gets merged both the old AND new thread are at the top as they’re both the latest threads to be modified…

But farewell all the same.
Best of luck in your future endeavours. Who knows, maybe you can take some learnings forward


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