Raid Tournament - What I believe would make it a real tournament

Hi Forum!

In respect to the newly introduced Raid Tournament I thought about this realizing that the tournament is open for all including the newbies.

Isn’t a tournament about your skills and shouldn’t it be less about the team strengh?

What, if you must face you randomly picked opponent with equal or less number of total hero stars compared to the opponents defense team?

Example: Your opponent has four 2* and one 3* in defense then you are allowed to attack him with not more than 11 stars in total. I.e. four 2* and one 3*; two 4* and one 3*; three 3* and one 2*.

After day 1 one you will face teams with the same or higher number of trophys, still you have to adjust to the opponents team strengh.

The cool side, I believe:

  1. You will think twice how you setup your defense team; it could makes sense to use low star heros.
  2. You have to proof your attack skills when facing lower teams
  3. You might consider keeping good 2* and 3* heros, bad to feed Layla :wink:
  4. You might consider using talents on low star heros
  5. You must try racing with less stronger heros against more lower heros

Limitation is, that teams cannot face teams with more number of total stars than present in their defense team.
Saying, if your defense team has 18* you cannot race against a 20* star opponent. This can cause issues at the end of the game if you have teams with more stars next to you.

Maybe a solution to this is, that defense teams is limited to a total of 20* and one should setup up to five defense teams, 20*; 18*; 15*; 13*; 10*. starting with the lowest.
In a case that a 11* team has crawled up the trophy ladder and need to race against a stronger one he/she would face the 10* defense team and would need to adjust to 10*.

Stronger teams would need to think about more than just one defense team.

To make it fit best; max hero is 4*.

Worth to discuss?

I think the issue with this would be for players like me that haven’t built 3*s back up yet. There does need to be a limitation on who you can face, but this likely wouldn’t work.

I totally agree, so you would either need to push 3* or willing to raid with fewer 4*.

I assumed that most kept at least the 3* for the special events.

Again, if one feels not motivated to develop 3* back up he/she can use 4* but then will be limited to less heros.

A 10* defense team would then consist of two 4* only. Might still work on a full leveled 2* team.