Raid Tournament: very fast attack? I'm not seeing it

This raid tournament is supposed to be set to all attacks are very fast. I’m not seeing that. My average are still average, and my slows are still slow. I’d expect 4 ghosted tiles or 6-8 hit tiles to power my hero. This is not happening. What’s up?

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My 3500 team had 1100 power opponents. It was over so fast I wouldn’t be able to tell!


Same here. I beat a team with two SHARAN.

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I’ve recorded all my 5 -very fast- matches.

On attack you need 7 tiles to charge your heroes. At the moment of this screenshot I moved 6 yellow tiles, 6 green, and 3 purple. Ghosting was not involved at all.

And as you can see Jackal (very fast), Li Xiu (medium) and Skittle (low) have the same identical mana bar, and they all need only one tile to completely charge.

Working as expected

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