Raid Tournament - Understanding the Rules and Requirements

That’s good to know although it is confusing. Wish the list was zeroed out at the start.

So currently 3 of the top ten have no defence team, another 2 have a single hero. Does this mean going forward everyone is going to enter with no/poor defence teams in order to face similar and hammer them with a good offensive team to get what looks like giant bonuses. This seems like a major bug.

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I think the missing defense teams are related to the scoring glitch. I’m also seeing it on the Event leaderboards

Bloody battle, will Alby have no effect?

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Alberich has three effects:

  • Resurrect-unaffected
  • +mana-unaffected
  • +health_disabled
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Are you sure about that?

I thought I’d seen otherwise:

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I think if it’s bloody, i will not put albi on defense, but check on an attack team to see whad up. Lol

What about minions, the queen of hearts and thoth amon draw hp to minion from caster, do not add. Delilah would lose her recovery of health for allies, but minions draw from casters hp.

Minions aren’t healing. Possible to be used.

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But we’re yet to see if the next tournament will feature 5-stars, or if will be a Bloody Battle. And even if both happens, there’ll be a possible veto to some colors. A Bloody Battle with 5* without green heroes would be perfectly convenient, vetoing Alby and MN anyway.


Looks like revive is aso disabled. Cross Alberich and MN off the list for bloody battles


Minions can be used, but the minions special may/may not work depending on their special. Delilah’s minion should be fine. …but Red Hood’s not so much. I assume the fox minions will spawn, but they won’t actually perform their normal healing - so they’d basically just be a shield at that point.

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That’s what I believe too.

So, do we have an early take on what types of heroes people are leaning towards for a Bloody Battle, be it this one or a future one? A mix of tanks and crazy snipers? Or an all out, balls to the wall, offensive team? Will a slow tank take on too much damage before firing? if it’s Azlar, do you care as long as he fires?

I guess I have to start putting some thought into this… Hmmm…

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Nice that for once the in-game text is actually explicit:

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Does regeneration count as healing? Asking for a friend named Ares.

Yes. Every mechanism that increases the HP of a hero is disabled. HP goes one direction: down. The only “kinda” exception is that minions can still spawn.

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Thanks, for the reply

During a tournament can one be attacked twice by the same player?

I can completely get on board with this… I just started a few days ago and am only at lv.10 but I entered this week to see what it’s all about. I was happy knowing I had at least 1 4* (Grimm) but then he got excluded lol… But I do have all 3*s for my team but they are no where near maxed. But hey it sounds fun so I’ll give anything free a try

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