Raid Tournament - Twice a Week?

I don’t know if this has been brought up before, but what about 2 raid tournaments a week?

Hear me out…

One of the major bottlenecks of the game right now is the emblems. It’s dragging on and I’m yawn starting to stop caring how quickly my emblems come in because yawn it is a PITA and it isn’t making a huge difference. At this rate, I’ll have two fully maxed 5*s of the same class in 2021… We also haven’t gotten back our original raid tournament drop rates which had more emblems in them etc.

Some may get frustrated also by the disparity in the number of emblems by rank in the raid tournaments. You could get 10. You could get 30. You could get 3. The margin between these is relatively small. More frequent loot might help to ease the pain of a “bad drop” and pseudo-give-us-back-the-original-drops-while-allowing-time-to-work-out-the-kinks.

So what if we had raid tournaments go on for 2 days at a time just like war, but with 10-12 hits per day (to allow for stratification). Or 3 days. Whatever people would want. We could get loot drops twice a week. This would enhance game play and give us more emblems. It would give us more use of all tiers of heroes as well since currently the 3s and 4s are getting used only for the respective raid tournament. I think it’s win-win and only increases the number of flags you need to use per day by 5-7 based on the proposition above.



Well reasoned, I like the cut of your gib :+1:

But I think that this is too much. Maybe 18 hits over three days?

Also, as @Gryphonknight would say - what’s in it for the Devs?

Will people buy extra lives with gems? Or will they just think “it’s only two days until the next go, I’ll wait”?

For one, it’ll help keep the game engaging. Let’s just say that a player has 30 5* heroes, 50 4* heroes, and 50 3* heroes. I’ll let you calculate the number of emblems needed. This would represent “full teams” in my estimation. So, you’re certainly not going to significantly hurt anything by speeding up one of many ways that people get emblems to drop.

The emblem bottleneck is real and it leads to stagnation. Stagnation limits excitement and engagement, which results in decreased expenditures. So what’s in it for the devs? For one, more people spending gems more frequently to stay in. Also, it keeps engagement up, which keeps people in the game and - I would argue - increases people’s spending habits. If raid tournaments drop the loot more frequently, they become more important. If they’re more important, there is more impetus to make sure you have really good teams at all tiers 3* - 5*. Need a deeper bench to compete? Gotta spend for it generally speaking.

Another point - it’s kind of like war. Wars are great because they last 2 days and happen twice a week. War once a week just isn’t enough. Raid tournaments once a week might just not be enough :smiley:


I really like the variety of levels, skills and elements in tournaments, so I would happily play two a week, but I’m not sure there’s enough in it for the Devs yet :slightly_smiling_face:

I think many, many of us would say that 5s and 4 mats are the major bottle neck, rather than emblems, but all three could be addressed with more generous or more frequent loot.

I would say there are some things thrown around in beta that might address some of that as well…

I would be okay with this if it meant a raid tournament would be on weekends. Ever since they moved it to weekdays I’ve found it difficult to keep up with them + other alliance tasks.

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Personally I like it once a week. 12 hits a day would be good for the addicted player, but not for casuals, basically raid tournaments are not for them.

This request is all about emblems. I’m kind of happy they are rolling them out slowly and that 5 star characters take forever to max out. Already emblems are making a huge difference, it’s making raiding and wars harder because tanks have lots of emblems and the heroes you need to bring don’t necessarily have them.

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But getting more emblems would solve that situation, no?

Sure, but there are many ways to do that. The main problem is that you think we should be getting more emblems and it’s up to SG to figure out a way, if they want, to give players more.

Right now they’re giving quite a few through Mystic Vision.

Here are some suggestions to improve raid tournaments including increase of emblem droppings.


Of course I think so but that’s not the problem here. Judging by the ammount of threads and comments asking for a faster distribution of emblems, the real problem is with SG’s stinginess. In the AMA devs said people could fully emblem several 5* in a year. They haven’t delivered half of that ammount yet.

This may sound harsh but why should we (regular players) worry about devs’ income every time we come up with new ideas? It’s not like we get paid by SG to solve their problems.

We are simply customers. So as a customer I will support any idea that makes this game less boring and slow.

You’re right that it’s up to SG if they wanna listen to any idea and implement it in the future tho. Hopefully they will listen.

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I certainly respect the difference in opinion, but I don’t think my request is all about emblems. Raids twice a week inherently gives us more to do. I disagree with the notion that addicted players want more and casual players want less. 10-12 hits over a 24 hour period is doable and adds a little bit of time. You already do 5, so you’re adding 5. If the average hit takes 3 minutes (with some faster, but almost never going over 5 minutes), you’d average an extra 15 minutes. An extra 21 minutes if you did 7 hits.

I personally don’t spend much time doing raids because the cups are pretty fickle and SG has changed the algorithm so that I get more and more people with 2300-2400 cups hitting me. When they win, the cups drop big time, so I’m happy to stay in the 2500-2600 range and only raid when the chest opens up. In a way, the raid tournament has made raiding relevant again. Certainly, you could argue that even for a “casual player” the additional raid tournament hits would more likely just replace normal raiding.

Now as for the emblem grab - more emblems will help everyone out including the casual player. Sooner we all get maxed heroes again on defense teams, the sooner things level out at the ceiling.

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