Raid Tournament - tournament ended but no winnings

The raid tournament ended but I didn’t recieve winnings. HOWEVER - The next tournament openin schedule appears. I normally recieve winnings at the end of the tournament.

I’ve been online prior to the tournament ending.

Same here! What tier loot are you waiting for?

Have you checked your Recent Activity log to see if you got the loot but just didn’t get any pop-up?

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Thanks so much for that - I had no idea this even existed!

For those who don’t know how to find the Recent Activity Log:
Options (cog icon) --> Support tab (top middle) --> Recent Activity (bottom button)


You’re welcome! Glad that helped :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tier 3. How about you? My team were lower tiers and received theirs.

Thanks Mary- I didn’t know about it either!

Good Morning,

This time I really didn’t get my winnings and I was the 2nd tier.

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