Raid Tournament Team Power Escalations

Hi All,

I wanted to create a thread to specifically talk about how fast the TP scale in the raid tourneys if you string a winning streak together. For me, it’s noticeable in the 3* tourney, but I am willing to bet others feel the pain in 4 or 5* tourneys.

The absolute Max team I can ever make is 2405 for my 3* team. That would be 2x Melia, Gilra, and 2x Namage. I don’t see where I would actually ever use this team, you get the point. This is how my opponents team powers look through my first 10 attacks:

2844 (all 3* with 20 emblems)

Next team after a loss: 2763 (have not hit yet)

I’m 9-1 but let’s be real, the last 4 (I lost the 2844 one by a lot) were all board luck. I get the need to gradually escalate and that the defenses team performance is factored in, but a 200 point jump is a bit much. Yes, I know I could emblem my 3*, and that I have a choice, etc.

I’m not asking for anything other than a bit more reasonable jump (50 points max over the last one or something to throw out an idea) to get just a bit more balance. I could easily be out today after a 9-1 start - I probably won’t see much less than 2700 assuming I can win one of every two, and like I mentioned, 300-400 to almost 500 TP higher you are generally winning by board at 3* levels - you can get away with it more at 4 & 5*, but not 3*.

Doesn’t SGG want to get people to stay in these a bit longer to give them an incentive to spend gems and continue because they can see the potential for a better loot tier? If people are getting knocked out in day 2 or 3 I’d guess they aren’t continuing. If they make it to day 4? Probably. Even with my great start I’d not be surprised if I don’t make it out of today.


I feel I’m in a similar situation, and while I don’t have the TP’s at hand (plus I haven’t made most of today’s attacks), I know they’ve been increasing. It has now gotten to the point where I’ve gambled on my last two attacks with a mono team, feeling it was my best chance to maximize my points gained.

I know this wasn’t exactly the point of your post, but it’s actually making me re-evaluate my emblem strategy. Right now I have none on my three stars, which I think means I can’t realistically expect to finish in the upper tier of any three star tournament. And I don’t have enough five stars (emblems or no) to compete for the best loot there. I have done decently in the four star tournaments, but have sprayed enough emblems at my few five star heroes that I am less emblemed than the final few teams I face in those tournaments. The bottom line is that I’m placing okay in all tournaments, but have been diffuse enough with my emblems that it is very hard to crack into the coveted top 1%.

Hey at least you went 9-1. I didn’t make it that far not because of TP difference but because I got yellow boards in all my losses. Now I know why you took all the good boards lol. It’s better to be lucky than good in this game :slight_smile:

I lost the very next fight (bad board = a big fat ZERO), then won the next two. I am running 3-2 stacks and it seems to be ok but in reality, my gripe is still maintained as my next two teams have been 2700+ again…

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