Raid Tournament Tank Poll — 5* Buff Booster, No Dark/Purple Allowed

Participating in this weeks tournament, so far I’ve met Guins, Delilahs and Viv tanks in the first two days. I was expecting to see Telluria fully inundating this part of the game too. It’s hard to tell exactly what most people are doing given the small leaderboards and opponents we each meet. I know there are people tanking Tell and expect to meet a few soon. I’m just curious what most people elected to do for the first tournament that Tell was an option, so I figured I’d ask the community.

  • Telluria is my tank whenever allowed.
  • Telluria is my tank because I don’t have a quality yellow option.
  • I ran a yellow tank because that’s the best choice for this tournament.
  • I ran something else because I don’t have Telluria or a quality yellow.
  • I ran something else because I felt that was a better option.

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I wanted to use yellow due to no purples allowed, and my Telly is still on its’ way up (Tonic from PoV will give me 6). I ended up with a Poseidon +17 as a tank.

I have Sif, but ended up using Telluria, because Sif is around 4/1.

Vivica +14 for me as tank

Some of these battles have been insane. I faced a defense with Ranvir in it. I ran my Heimdall on offense and he had already boosted my heroes health above 100%. After Ranvir fired, paired with the buff boost, one slash attack almost killed a hero entirely lol

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Where is the
“I ran a yellow tank because I’m sick of seeing Telluria Tanks” option?

You don’t have to see you own tank. :upside_down_face:

I don’t have telly, but I have a maxed Sif and it seems like the tourny was made for her

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