Raid Tournament "special skills set to very fast"

The special skills for my opponents are set to very fast. However, my special skills are set to very slow. This is the second one of these where it has been like this and is almost impossible to win. I have played these before where special skills were set to fast so I know the difference. Please make both sides fast or none at all.

Both sides are set to very fast…?

If you believe otherwise can you video the battle & post a link to the forum?

Way of checking is either:

  1. Your heroes will charge in 7 tiles (3.5 ghosted tiles). Note this is 7 tiles of the corresponding colour.
  2. In battle, tap and hold on a hero’s card. This brings up a details tab that will show the mana speed (should be updated there right @zephyr1?)
  3. In battle (again) there is a symbol on the upper left side of the screen. That states the rule that applies to ALL heroes in the battle.

Note, your hero specials WILL NOT show as very fast UNTIL you’re in battle… The card is the same.

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To expand on @Guvnor ‘s #2 when you open in stats in battle the mana speed will flash between the cards normal speed and the very fast of the booster battle.


Thanks @Sid3ways, hadn’t actually double checked it and have used my current attack flags so woulda had to wait till tomorrow


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