Raid tournament: special attacks on very fast - only for opponent

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Very fast mana means you need 7 tiles to charge your mana, or 4 ghost tiles. How many tiles exactly did you need to charge?


12 or more tiles were needed

I look forward to seeing the video evidence


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Actually it was constructive. Please record your next tournament battle to demonstrate this issue.

And please stop insulting people. It’s not the most civilised way to communicate with others.


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Bad idea to bring fast heroes to a rush attack, since slowies have better specials and will charge as fast as very fast on this tournament.

Fast heroes will lose all the time.


It would have been rude to outright say I don’t believe you. Plus I figured I’d give you the benefit of the doubt. I mean, 4X in a row… after the 2nd I’d think using the screen record function would occur to most…
What’s the saying, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…


Don’t worry, all good. Sorry for my tone. Was just annoyed by the overall situation.
I didn’t think of taping it, as I couldn’t believe it when it happened. I’m always ok with losing a match. That happens. Bad tiles, bad timing, wrong choices. It was only after the third loss where I noticed something fishy and I was too enraged to start the cam before charging into the 4th battle…


I’m in the same situation as you to the point where I am wondering if I missed something with this tournament or something dodgy happened.

4 straight losses and I was barely making a dent on the opposition. 3 of the teams didn’t even have maxed heroes and yet I was getting crushed every time.

It’s not fishy - it’s streaky RNG combined with limited skill.

I"m not saying you’re bad at the game - but that whatever skill level you have at the moment is not high enough to overcome some of the bad boards.

I assume there are some boards that are unbeatable, but I like to think that some of the boards I lose on today, I’ll be able to beat in 6 months - when my experience/skill level increases. I base this on the fact that not only are my heroes better now, but I am much better at winning games overall when I get a board with just 2-3 of my mono colour than I was 6 months ago. I hope this trend continues.

That said, streaky RNG happens still - it seems ever 4-6 months, I get a day when it seems I can’t win a raid.

About half the time I go 8 of 8 wins filling my chest. 45 per cent of the time, I go 8/9 where I just lose one match.

SO when I lose 3-4 or more in a row, it’s notable. It’s rare. But it can happen. I like to think the best approach when I notice this happening is to put the game down, go live real life, and come back t next day.

Realistically, however, I get frustrated and keep trying to win -often burning a flask or two trying to ‘turn my luck’… but I suspect the frustration level degrades my precision level and the effect can snowball and exacerbate the negative streak.


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Hi @Meanmachine. That sounds like four really tough fights. The raid tournaments are often very challenging, and since the rules are quite different than what we’re used to in regular raiding, they often feel very unfair.

Very Fast mana means everyone charges at the same speed, from Little John to Sonya and Chao. There’s no benefit to bringing Fast heroes versus Average or Slow. Tiles charge the defense super quickly, and the normal defense mana gain every turn is a lot faster than we’re used to also. Those two things combined mean that cascades usually result in multiple specials firing.

My instincts from regular raiding are to drop empty tiles into the “slow” heroes, but every Skittleskull and Little John is a mini Gravemaker in these tourneys. My instincts are usually mistuned for these fights, so I find that I do best if I take a break after regular raiding before fighting in the Rush tourneys.

The forum is a collaborative space where players can all discuss topics. The original poster on a thread starts the conversation off, but he or she doesn’t “own” the conversation in that thread. So it’s not appropriate to tell people to get out of a thread, even if you don’t like what they said or how they said it.

I realize that your experience was very frustrating, but please treat everyone else at least civilly. If you’re too angry to avoid swearing at people (or at SG), it’s probably a good idea to take 15 minutes to cool down before posting.


Well put @Garanwyn!!

@MeanMachine, I’d like to add that I understand your frustration. I lost my 1st 2 battles of this tournament before I settled down into my groove. Sometimes it’s better to walk away for a bit then come back and really look at the team you are fielding. Originally I had thought fast/very fast heroes would get almost instantaneous specials…found out the dead way I was wrong. So I adjusted my teams and have won my last 5 battles. I do this for fun and to de-stress after work. When it becomes aggravating and stressful I go do something else for awhile, like kick puppies or call Nun’s names. Normally when I return I’m in s much batter frame of mind.

I’d like to add the both @Halifax and @grzechol are very experienced players. They are also more than willing to help. Some things come across harsh in text that weren’t meant that way. So take all comments with a grain of salt.

Good Luck my friend, I Hope next tournament brings you better boards and great matchups…Stoopit RNG :wink:


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