Raid tournament - selectable tier

Please improve raid tournament. There have bug issue!

I hope they set up Raid tournament

Tab click choice three stars heroes or four stars heroes.

I did feed whole my three stars heroes to four and five heroes . I don’t have anything star 3 heroes on raid tournament make me upset. I get more star 1 to 3 heroes on raid tournament…

I m advance level and I rather separate group on raid tournaments… you make choice tab you want heroes star 3 or heroes star 4. I pick star 4 match my levels.

Now I m unhappy with raid tournament now.
I m lost whole three star heroes gone.

Not exactly a “bug.” There are many threads already with suggestions for the tournament. Not sure if this particular idea has its own thread but @Rook @Kerridoc or @zephyr1 can move it to the right place.

As a side note, I like that the raids have special “rules” and that limiting star and color are among them. This gives all players (new and veterans) the opportunity to score well. Which is something the community has requested for a long time.

There were several threads about the need for 3&4 star heroes when the tournament started in beta. But even if you missed them it won’t be the same rules next week and if you choose to you can save some 3 stars to work on for the next tournament that is limited to 3 star heroes. :blush:

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I’ve shifted this to the #ideas-feature-requests section and edited the title to reflect your idea. This thought has come up several times before.

I expect one-third of the tournaments to be 3* (hoping that they’re not running 1* or 2* tournaments), and there is the rare tier of challenge events that now give emblems for completion. Therefore, I think it’s worthwhile to build good 3* but I never ate my original team.

I dislike raid tournament ( there have bug report )

Who people have four and five stars heroes focus on raid tournament

Who people have basic star 1 to star 3 heroes to use raid tournament.

Need set up separate group for raid tournament…

Choice tab three stars heroes or four stars heroes … I would pick four star heroes I can vs Star 4 and 5 heroes on another member on raid tournament.
Now I m unhappy because I did threw all 1 to 3 heroes feed to four and five star heroes. I lost whole three stars heroes by raid tournament are bad !!! I hope they need improve raid tournament thank you

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