Raid Tournament Scoring/Ranking Leaderboard Bug?

Last week and this week in the raid tournament I have noticed a problem with the ranking position of my team relative to the score I achieved. The first pic is from last week’s tournament at the end of the second day. I should have had a ranking of 47 based on score of 6171. You can see the break between rank 47 (6171) & rank 61 (6170). Then you can see rank stated at bottom is 199. I know this is inconsequential to loot because both are same bracket.

But in this week’s tournament the disparity was even larger and pushed me from 1% bracket to 5% bracket. The following pics are from the end of day 1 on this week’s tournament.

You can see in the pic above that my score of 3194 is equivalent to rank 86 which is obviously top 1%. Yet I have been given a rank of 31,644. When going back out to the main tournament screen you can see that it places me in the 5% bracket…

Any thoughts on this? Or has anyone else seen this?

I can confirm that this is an issue, I did my attacks hours ago and have restarted the game multiple times since that so this cannot be due to problems with cache. There is an obvious disparity between what is displayed on the leaderboard and what the game thinks my actual rank is.

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