Raid tournament scoring broken?

So my mom won a battle of the raid tournament and this is the points it gave her. Is something wrong with the scoring?

It appears she lost.

No she won. I know becuase I did the battle

she killed one hero, but she lost the whole battle (winner: Alucinado)

She won the battle I’m sure of it. The points add up

Too bad there’s no way to prove it right?

if you’re sure about that, u need to report that (support ticket)

How would I do that. Thanks for the help

game - options - help

Ok cool. Will try it

What is shown when you go to the Tournament screen and click on the “?”? There’s a list with wins and losses.

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Thanks here’s a picture

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It shows it as a win but gave her losing points

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That’s really really strange. The first says “time is up” and Alucinado was the winner, the second says, Alucinado was the loser. I’d say it’s really a support case. You should provide the 2 screenshots there.

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Thanks for the help will try reporting it

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