Raid Tournament score not calculating

Seems the scores are not updating, I’ve won two and am still showing zero for today’s raid tournie.

Known issue.
Restart the app and it’ll show up.

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Just did my fourth hit and it updated finally, thanks Olmor

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Slight latency of the database.

If you’re on the leaderboard it’s the same. It will take a minute or so to update or until you’ll restart the game, since live queries can’t be done every few seconds.

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After 2 attacks in today’s tournament and about 900 points, the score window didn’t update. Still 0 points. Even after restarting the game.

It happened to me too. I did two raids, won both, both show up in my log with points that I should’ve gotten, but my total is still 0 in bottom 25%

After restarting the game 2 times, the score finally updated.

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