Raid tournament Rush Attack

When I used two hero’s of the same color, Kiril and Sonya, Kiril’s special would come up before Sonya’s. Shouldn’t the mana fill up at the same rate if everyone is set to very fast? Maybe I’m missing something?

Maybe you used mana troops for Kiril and crit troops for Sonya (or lower mana troops) and thus they charged at different paces? :slight_smile:


I’ll check , thanks! :blush: Also seemed weird because when I used an all red team they all filled at the same rate, and there was a wide variety of troop levels with the five hero’s

Sonya is fast mana and Kiril is average so without troops Sonya will always charge first. If yo set mana troops to Kiril and critical troops to Sonya they should charge at same rate. If you use on both mana troops Sonya will again charge first.

Unless you had a level 11+ mana troop on Kiril, they should charge at the same time… Otherwise level 11+ mana troop will render very fast heroes to charge with 6 tiles, instead of the usual 7 tiles. :slight_smile:

But in rush attack tournament everyone is very fast mana. The only difference should be from mana troops in that case.

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