Raid tournament rewards

Landed in 1-5% and just got my rewards. They’re quite nice considering you had to spend 5 days on the tournament.

This brings me to the ward chest rewards.

Just to specify this is not a “give them a finger and they’ll take the whole hand” post. It’s a balance post.

The war chest takes 5 weeks to get if you win every match which is basically impossible for an average alliance. It takes 8 weeks on average to get the war chest.

You’ll basically get 8 tournament rewards over that period and from my experience, the tournament rewards are better than the war chest rewards.

I wouldn’t complain at all if the war chest rewards were buffed by a lot even if that meant that the tournament rewards got a nerf.

War is honestly not very appealing atm.


I agree.
War win prize and war chests are totally unbalanced if we compare it with the raid tournaments rewards.
Group effort should be rewarded more then single players talent.

But i’m afraid they would nerf raid tournament rather then pump war chest :sweat_smile:


My rewards tier was the 1-5% bracket but my results say 5-10% bracket (won all my matches), I am very happy with my rewards and agree that war chests should be at least similar to this (or better) for the amount of work it takes to open them. Curious to see what others got:

I think “spent 10 minutes per day for 4 days” is a more accurate description than “had to spend 5 days on the tournament”

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Don’t call it “work”. Also, these tournaments will not be free in the future, they will cost gems to participate in, hence the better rewards.

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Effort, time, whatever you want to call it…


As you said better than aw

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I agree Raid Tournament chest are really better than war chest. And time investment is really lower. As soon as matchmaking works, I hope to be able to reach 1-5% range and then will stop wars.

We have two wars per week. You need 25 points. With 5 points each time you win, 5 weeks seems to be a reasonable expectation to reach 25 points (4 victories and 6 defeats will do the job)

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True. Forgot about the fact that the war is twice per week. Doesn’t change the fact that the war/war chest rewards are far worse than the ones from the tournament.

On what basis are you making this claim?

Pretty hard to compare the different chests with only one tournament chest as a baseline. As the tournament gets sorted out I doubt it will be as easy to do well as this first bout, and a 1% tier loot chest might / likely will be very hard to open.

Here’s a moderately lucky top 1% chest


I’ll admit it seems better than wars (guaranteed epic tokens, high-ish odds for a lot of emblems and Atlantis tokens etc)

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Didn’t screenshot mine, but the highlights were meteor fragments x2, one epic troop token, 10 cleric emblems, maybe 10 gems, and 5 Atlantis tokens. I was in the 10-25% tier. Given the pull odds in that tier, I’d be happy trying it once a week.

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If I were you I would count my blessings and let it be. If this snowballs there is a very real possibility we end up getting nerfed weekly raid rewards.

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Valid point. For how long it takes to get your war chest, the rewards definitely don’t add up when compared.

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