Raid tournament reward

one 4 * ball is not enough for 1%
is this some kind of joke?
75 diamonds for 1 ball?

1% is just a scam… With lots of tournament i end up in tp 1% but notngood reward

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RT loot was revised with V44. This just means that out of 6 draws, rolled individually, you succeeded in 1 draw only, as in odds rolled in your favour.

Doubt that you are alone in this.

I’m not alone
but before that I was guaranteed 4 small balls and now I may not have one

Yup I know where you are coming from.

This revision by SGG was their response to the private discussion between some from the top tier with the SGG Devt team, post first CoK, when some top tier players didn’t receive any aethers despite placing in top 100. Or even top 1000, but some from >1000 received more, especially aether III. Anyway, what’s done is done.

If you are not happy with the revised RT loot, I suppose you can initiate what the top tier did to get SGG’s attention and agreement:

  1. Start a fresh protest thread
  2. Initiate another no-spend movement
  3. Wait for SGG to extend an olive leaf

There’s a separate thread on this. You can search for it.

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