Raid Tournament Preview – Planning Leveling Priorities & Strategy in Anticipation of Release

The official name for these will be Raid Tournaments; I’ve adjusted the thread title accordingly.


I have slow mana classics like Isarnia, Azlar and Justice. I also decided to keep one copy of Boss Wolf and G. Owl. Slow heroes could only be healers for me, apart from that, any slow hero is food for the other heroes. Now, that I got this news, I need to keep the “slugs” any time I get them back (and they come to me as hell).

i find her useful enough at 3/60. I have waasay better greens to spend mats on. But to each their own.

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I agree. But I also keep pulling the same 3* over and over. Seldom see a 4* and only have 2 -5*. What gives. Even on the Atlantis pull I got Valen…again.

Who, skitles? Notice i said hes unleveled in my post? Ill bring him to 3.60 at most… im just not sure if i understand your comment about using mats on other greens. I no way indicated i intended on using mats on him. Would you please clarify for me thanks

I was stating an opinion.

Wow! I literally just read what I sent you and first and foremost I owe you an apology! I am sorry that I came at you like that. I have no idea what was going on in my head to get so heated. My bad @anon89026910 I am sincerely sorry for being a ••••.


No worries. This forum is REALLY good at getting people triggered. A lot of folks with superiority complexes, so I completely understand.

Thanks for the apology. No hard feelings.


Reminder to keep things constructive and follow Forum Rules. :slight_smile:


If people want to throw emblems on 3* for the chance at more emblems (and also the chance to lose emblems on resets and not recover them due to RNG, depending on how far they level them), so be it. I’m focusing more on leveling 2* troops as it’s just food and 1* feeders to get to meaningful levels. Plenty of impact there without embleming.

You’re right @Rook my apologies I just hope there is still a chance for rewards, possibly for amount of wins (so participation would factor into it somwehat). And not just for who has the deepest benches .
So I hope it is not structured like the monthly
Events placing, but time with tell.
I am looking forward to the new raids, I think the dev’s are trying to make it fair for all which I like, if not myself i hope it benefits some of my weaker allaince mates who have established 2 and 3* heros.

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so… v20 is here but the tournaments are not… does anybody know when they will start?

No, but the next war is postponed, so I’m guessing tomorrow or the day after tomorrow…


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Sounds like my roster may be useful in these scenarios…

I have a depth of slow heroes and hardly any fast ones, finally they get a time to shine!

I’m a newbie here, so please bear with… I started the Tournament and thought it was great… on day 1. By day 2 all my opponents had stuck up to 10 emblems on each of their heroes… I couldn’t even get a special up before I was dead. I don’t especially want to use my few emblems on 3* so where does that leave me? I can see this impacting on newer players, on the matching algorithm and maybe on other other events like Teltoc. Just my view… I’m sure others will disagree, but I think this will just favour high ranking (and paying!) players :slightly_smiling_face:

Long term it leaves you ahead because when they reset those emblems to put back on their 4/5* they waste some :slight_smile:

I don’t see how it benefits high “ranking” players(by this I assume you mean players in top alliances). These players cannot afford to waste emblems on 3* or even as many 4* heroes, unless of course they’re willing to sacrifice other elements of the game such as events, alliance wars and titans. This event heavily favors newbies who don’t have any better heroes to spend emblems on.

Yet the top placements teams in the tourney were all high level players with high emblemed teams…

I was shocked to see at least 90 of the top 100 if not more had emblems on their 3*. Most 10+ easy. Some had them to 19 or 20.

By Day 4 I was cruising with one loss on my 2350 team then by day 3 i never saw less than 2500, won 3 of 5, by day 4 I saw a 2600 I lucked out on and a 2700 which crushed me and I was out. So there were plenty that invested the emblems.

Yea I noticed that too, but I have to assume that despite their high player level they’re likely not very competitive in other aspects of the game.