Raid Tournament Preview – Planning Leveling Priorities & Strategy in Anticipation of Release

The raid challenges are still being tested in beta. However, it appears that they will be released sometime soon, in the next version. I am going to start leveling heroes based on the likely challenge scenarios, and I thought it only fair that I share this with the general community so that all of you can start planning as well and so there are fewer cries that the beta players have advantages. WARNING: all of this is subject to change! For SG I apologize if I have stepped over the line but I feel that we should level the playing field.

Briefly, the raid challenges so far look like they are going to be 3*, 4*, and 5* hero based. There were 1* and 2* challenges but there was some objection to them and it is unclear whether they will come out. In the latest builds we have only tested 3*-5*. In general, the troops allowed are similar to events – 2* troops or lower in 3* challenges, 3* troops or lower in 4* challenges, and all troops in 5* challenges

Each challenge has different rules. The general rules we have been testing are:
–Change all heroes to very fast
–Buffs last longer and may be undispellable
–No healing allowed
Some challenges allow all colors while some only allow four colors of heroes

Here is the strategy I am pursuing starting today; yours may differ of course.

  1. I am leveling some slow but powerful 3* and 4* heroes for the very fast challenge

  2. I am making sure I have tanky heroes in 3* and 4* (a lot of times they are the same slow ones as above)

  3. I already have three or more of each color in 3* and 4* because of events but if you color stack and are short I suggest getting there

  4. I am leveling some 2* and 3* troops

  5. Some folks may use emblems on 3* but I need them on my 5* and I won’t sacrifice them

  6. I am saving some 1* and 2* and I have thousands of rugged clothes to level them in case the 1* and 2* challenges come to light

  7. I have plenty of 5* so leveling those is not a priority at the moment. I wish I had a bunch of AOE slow heroes but those would take too long and too many mats to level. Others may need those 5* of course

The raid challenges are really fun. There will be much debate on the payment system but we should leave that to the other threads.

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[quote=“Epigenetic, post:1, topic:91706”]
I am leveling some slow but powerful 3* and 4* heroes for the very fast challenge

I’m confused by this. What does it mean to change all heroes to very fast?

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Every hero in that battle charge as it was fast mana.
Obviously slow heroes that used to be underated with that rule are devastating.

Just try to imagine a fast Colen or Little John.
In that battle they become true.

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I think the raids sound like a lot of fun! My only wish is they keep the event free of charge or at least very low cost so all of our members have an equal chance to play!


Yes… they do sound fun… But let’s keep them free. There’s already enough paid content in this game. Gems, money or otherwise.

Yeah, the mana rule is lot of fun, expecially because lately the meta for all of us was working on faster heroes.
That rule totally reverse that, making some slow heroes actually stronger then all the others.

Bloody battle is also interesting because it takes away “the safe net”, making the raid also different from usual.

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My second wish is that rewards are obtainable, unlike the challenge events which only allow the very top, very strongest players to get the best rewards.


They won’t keep them free since they want to milk us at every chance they get…

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You have a point, but we can hope. No offence meant, but I hope you are wrong on this issue lol.

They are testing different methods of payment and different rewards. At the moment it looks like the entry fee has been taken away. There will be a ton of discussion about both of these topics after the challenges are released. If you want to discuss them now here are some threads:


Good thing I am a hoarder and have all of the standard 3* leveled and some of the seasonal.

I also have almost all standard 4* at 3.60 or better.

Hope it pays off!


And good we have another thread telling sg our concerns vs burying it in another thread. More voices the better. Too many monster threads that are too hard to read as it is.

SG has heard the concerns about the entry fee, and removed it in the current version of beta testing.

@Epigenetic also mentioned that above:

As there are already multiple threads about the potential entry fee (or lack thereof now), let’s make use of this thread for its intended purpose of discussing hero and troop leveling priorities and strategies in anticipation of the Weekly Raid Challenges. :slight_smile:


May I suggest changing the title to reflect what the topic is supposed to be rather than “raid challenge preview” ? By that title, and I’m sure I’m not alone, more people are going to assume it’s a discussion about the raids in general not just a tactics thread.

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Hmm, a 4* very fast defense for me might be something like this perhaps:


Great idea!

I changed it — if you think something else would convey the topic better, let me know. :slight_smile:

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So it seems some of us may opt to level up heroes we’ve been neglecting. Wondering how long it will take? I made a tool to calculate that. It didn’t get any love at the time, though I presciently said the Weekly Raid Challenges may be a good use for it.


I’m thinking:


  • Ulmer
  • Gill-Ra
  • Brienne (average, but the attack buff at very fast would be worthwhile)
  • Oberon
  • Jahangir


  • Hu Tao
  • Little John
  • Colen
  • Skittles

Never thought I’d see skittles as being a needed hero to level lmao


I know! I might finally have to take Skittles from 3-60 to max…

I have 17 shields but only 8 gloves, so that definitely wouldn’t have been on my priority list otherwise.

Thankfully I already have Hu Tao and Little John maxed, and Colen at 3-60.

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