Raid tournament ponts don't count

Hi there
My points in the tournament don’t count, any other with this problem?

Same here…won the first fight, no points even after restarting the game.

Happens to me too!..

They’re there now. Strange glitch maybe.

Yes, yet it works :slight_smile:

I win a couple fights on the current tournament, and my score stills in 0, also i did a titan hit and also my score was 0… i think the game was crashed after the mystic titan problem!!

Similar issue in here:

Don’t quote me on this, as it’s been a long time since I’ve done raid tournaments myself, but when it comes to points and such calculating from various events… sometimes they don’t show up right away. I’ve been told it’s only a “visual bug” and that they should show up later… hopefully? But keep checking just to make sure!

EDIT: Happens to me quite regularly when completing PoV stuff. The points don’t show up until I log off and log back in later.

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