Raid tournament opponents that don't fit the rules

The rules of this tournament is only 4* allowed. None could settle anything but a 4*. Meanwhile I fought 2*, 1*, 3* and very few 4*. This needs to be fixed since the ones with 2000 may had fought 4* and all the ones stuck with 1300 was stuck to fight extremely weak opponents.

The rule is maximum 4*, so 1-3* are allowed too.

It works like the Challenge Event restrictions, you can bring lower rarity heroes/troops than the limits, just not higher.


That makes nonsense since we can’t reroll. I fight only 2-3* unleveled. So I can’t get decent points

Why they changed the rules?

From when? Beta was the same way, from my experience.

I agree, and you’re not the only one lamenting that. Both of these threads have extensive conversation about that now:

They are going to have to work out the kinks. Be patient.

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