Raid Tournament: No Opponents Available Right Now

hey guys…I’m sorry that this is probably in the wrong place but it wont let me start a new topic. i registered for the raid tourney but it keeps giving me an error that there are no opponents available to attack. is anyone having the same issue? I have updated everything …I was told that this was a problem in the beta testing.

Hi Zephyr1, would you please have someone look at this one for me? I can’t do anything in the raid tournament. Been getting this message since it started yesterday. image|281x500

I’m with you on this gryphon77, I couldn’t figure out how to report this either.

Sorry, I didn’t see this until now.

If you want to tag someone, you need to put an @ before their name, like @zephyr1.

Otherwise they don’t get any notification. I only happened to see this while reading through every updated thread.

The error message you’re getting showed up sometimes in beta too, but beta players assumed at the time that it was probably due to the very small pool of players in beta.

I’m not sure what causes that issue, and I actually haven’t seen many people mentioning they’ve run into it.

@BradleyIII @gryphon77 Are you both having this issue still, or did you start having opponents available to attack?

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@zephyr1, all good now. I went in late yesterday and could do some attacks. Don’t think I have much of a chance to get into the top percentiles cause of the days without attacks, but I’m happy to be in.

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Glad to hear you got in finally, though it’s annoying you ran into that issue to begin with. At least the loot this time around makes tiers fairly moot.

Have fun raiding. :slight_smile:

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