Raid Tournament Loot still reduced...?

If that’s the case, then maybe a little bit of notice or an update or something would be nice… Instead it feels like it’s all just business as usual with ■■■■ loots…

I can’t promise that they’ll provide one, but I’ve asked the Staff for an update if possible.

As most of SG doesn’t work on weekends, I don’t expect an official update until at least next week, assuming they provide one.


Thanks Zephyr :slight_smile:

As I said originally, I’m all good with the loot being reduced still if there’s a reason and if that reason is communicated… The issue is more that there isn’t any real update (not since May) and everything seems business as usual…

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Does anyone remember how this all started? Well, the devs listened to beta testers and cut the gem-fee. There was loud applause. But, the devs made a mistake and did not reduce the rewards.

The mistake was compounded by Petri’s (?) message. Yeah, dev’s screwed the pooch there, but I think it is best if everyone admits there was a mistake and moves on.

The onus here IS on the devs. Adding a loot slot to each tier is a cheap apology. The alternative is dropping the tourney altogether…which no one wants

Adjusting the % a bit would be enough. 2% for a 4* mat (at top 1%!!) is a pure joke. Considering you have around 50 tourneys a year that leads you to get on average one 4* mat per year from tournaments…but only when you finish top1% always😂


Fixing emblems rewards is needed too.
5 tournaments I finish in top 1% I get lowest possible 10 emblems.
May be not return to up to 100 as initially but certainly not 10 for top 1% :frowning:
Getting there (to 1%) is a solid effort now and should be better rewarded

I think they dumped some of the planned extra emblems into mystic vision instead. Maybe all of them considering it covers the whole player base.

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They were hoping everyone forgot about the original rewards.

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I’ll never forget
20 never forgets


…THIS! ^^

I agree with this completely. I see this as a bigger issue in need of being addressed than the emblems.

Did you get an answer?

Not yet, and I think we’re in the same situation on this question as this one.

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From what I read, the rewards for mystic vision didn’t change. Yes, they made MV available more often, but the loot for EACH activation is less with the end result being identical rewards. Of course, with an 8-hr window, it’s more likely that players may miss and not activate as often, leading to an actual decrease in loot. @zephyr1 Am I understanding this right? And yes, it sure would be great if SG actually followed through on restoring the tourney loot, but as each week passes, I find myself doubting whether this will really occur or not. I’m betting not :frowning:

They actually said that the net total of loot was slightly increased for Mystic Vision, presuming you watch each of them.

The Emblems are also on top of the existing loot — they didn’t replace any of the existing items, according to what we were told when I asked for clarification.

I’ve personally been finding Mystic Vision to be a notable source of Emblems now, and I find the 8 hour window pretty convenient. But I’m sure that varies for different people based on how often they’re active.

EDIT: link for the post about this

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Wow! Quick response :):grinning: Thx for the clarification @zephyr1

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Never… and nor should they… I remember the top 10% tier of loot was better than most elemental chests I ever got. If one million players join a tournament, that means 100k players will get elemental chest level loot every week… And will mostly be the same players over and over… we are talking rare AM’s and emblems here. Returning the loot to the original tournament level would only widen the gap between lower level and high end players…

But then you actually have something to aim for, a target that players will want to hit. Raid tournaments are all about the depth of your roster. How do you increase the depth of your roster as quick as possible? Spend money.

So I feel like it’s in the best interest of everyone to bring the loot back up to a respectable level.


Please see this post for an update from SG:

Please continue discussion in the other thread. As there has been a lot of activity in that thread and none in this one, I’m closing this thread to consolidate feedback in the other thread. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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