Raid tournament loot missing

Playing on Apple device didn’t receive any raid tournament loot also trials not come up

Same here… top 1% and got nothing… also playing on Apple device

Happened to one off our guy’s aswell

I’m on Android and didn’t recieve anything.

I’m on android I got mine ok

@F170Ian, @KeyserSoze006, @Andy1972

Worth checking back thru your Recent Activity (back about 24 odd hours now)

Just to double check you didn’t just “not see” the loot (i.e. awarded but maybe missed the pop-up)

Can access your recent activity by going:
OPTIONS (cog icon) -> Support -> Recent Activity

The tournament loot will be listed like the following:


Theres been quite a few peeps missing loot from this raid tourney I git my alliance friend to check her recent activity nothing

Best bet if you’re sure it’s missing is to #contact-support

Screenshot the recent activity from yesterday


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Yeah man- can’t log in to support. Not sure what’s going on but I down the last 30 min trying… even reset password. Did a hard reset on my device too- super frustrating but I’m just going to move on. Thanks for the help!

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Apologies all today is Sunday raid tournament loot was handed out yesterday

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