Raid Tournament Leaderboard


All glorious 54 possible Tournaments are available for Tracking through your TMUG account and displayed to the greater player populace should you capture the current High Score!

So who is going to knock me out of FIRST POSITION across the board! LOL, I’m not a big tournament player guys - this was for you. Heck not even a small player (I did place top 5% in this last tournament). However, it could get interesting and get me involved in Tournaments! So don’t be bashful make BaTDaddy proud he put this together for you! GET YOUR SCORES in there (please no guessing though)… I can’t remember who through Feedback had inquired if I was going to put together a Tourney Leaderboard!

The Data Entry & Editing Portal is Now Available (as shown below)! It is tied to the Leaderboard above so you can toggle between them in a sense and return to the Lounge with a [Cancel].

Tagging some individuals I don’t know so well to get them involved that have shown some interest in this or other tools recently released:

@LadyAchilles @PM229 @Kabala @Jss @Andromeda.myrmidones
@Chadmo @PeachyKeen (PK - saw Helios is hanging Top-100 these days congrats brother!) @IvyTheTerrible @Kerrang @D2z

If you do not have an account it is simple to obtain one and no personal information is required!


Off to War haven’t used any flags Yet!!! In vs with an ole friend too - GRYPH!


Thank you!! Appreciate your data collection :slight_smile:

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Yeah Brother Razor, Helios is indeed kicking it up in the top 100 and rising!! I believe level 82 as of today? 

Congrats to @PeachyKeen and @Cvs, not sure if Munch is here but here goes @Munch. Watching you guys rock it is awesome!!

Be even more awesome if we could actually WATCH the battles!!

Looking to be a run for the top 10, dare I say 1, in the near future.


My email response got rejected that I sent earlier about your fortune on summoning these past few periods PH! And that yeah better guard the T-BONE! LOL.

Great to hear they deserve it those 3 work hard and are very involved with their team and active in the players community/forum… I know they were skimming that T-100 line back and forth for a bit, @PeachyKeen @Cvs @Munch - Glad you punks finally decided to step over it and RISE! LOL Way to go



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